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Taking the YOU Turn

Kyla C. Gailes 

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God's Children Never Fear

Ashley Swannigan


I am the Judge

Noah Thompson



Our services include editing, cover design, publication of books, workbooks, curricula, and technical writing instruction for fiction and nonfiction manuscripts.  


Contact us when you are ready to begin your next project. 



We provide several layers of editing to ensure your project is publish ready.



We ensure your finished product is published to your specifications. 

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Red Descent

Marcia Bynum Hymon

There are so many teenagers at a loss and disadvantage in life from birth. Some make a whole life turnaround, and some succumb to their environment. Red is a young lady who has many questions that aren’t answered. She’s being mentally tortured by her female parent and doesn't know her male parent. Her siblings take a page from their mother and ignore her also. How does she process all this and how will she ever become a part of a family that doesn’t show her love? The exception is her grandparents' love for her, but are they really her grandparents?
Red’s quest is to somehow find her father because he may love her and answer all the questions that she needs to feel fulfilled. Red has issues and fears of not belonging to anyone. These issues influence her thinking process that makes her dangerously impulsive which changes her young life forever.

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